Select Your Intention

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Psyleron + Wholphin DVD Experiment

Welcome to the online supplement to the Select Your Intention DVD experiment featured in Wholphin. Select Your Intention interprets psi-research protocols for the video medium, and explores the influence of the human mind on pre-recorded quantum phenomena.

Select Your Intention was produced by Aaron Michels.

Please input your data. You will be shown your own cumulative score to better understand the your individual contribution to the overall result.

Final Results
The final results of the Select Your Intention experiment will be posted to this website after February 10, 2009 (or optionally emailed to you if you participated).

Some Suggestions for Interacting with the DVD:
Adam Curry of Psyleron shares some of his experiences achieving results with the REG. Watch video ››

Download Final Report
The results.

Download the final report of the Wholphin Select Your Intention Experiment.

Download here.