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Researchers at PEAR conducted experiments using a portable random event generator (REG) outside the lab, in field settings. These experiments, called "FieldREG," differed from the original PEAR intention experiments: there were no pre-stated intentions and no real-time feedback. The PEAR researchers wanted to see what would happen when REGs were brought into real-life situations, such as performances, business meetings, spiritual gatherings, and sporting events. Would significant times during these events be reflected by differences in the REG output?

The researchers gathered REG data in various field situations. They noted the times of significant events during these situations, such as touchdowns in a football game or climactic moments in a performance. Back in the lab, the experimenters used statistical tools to see whether the times of these events correlated with changes in the REG data stream.

After accumulating data in many different environments, the researchers found that times when the REG data stream changed often corresponded with the times when events of subjective importance occurred. This was especially true during situations involving creativity, shared emotion, and interactions within small, close-knit groups. Statistical analysis showed that the probability of the results occurring due to chance was about one in three billion(Ref. P. 224).

These findings indicate that the REG appears to be sensitive to certain subjective factors and group dynamics, opening up yet another area of potential future research and applications. These remarkable results suggest that we will need to broaden our understanding of science and the physical world in order to fully explain this evidence.

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