These are just a few of the comments we have received from our customers.

Physics Undergrad, United States

I have an REG-1 Standard. I use it for self-exploration, and for demonstrating the effect to my friends. We are always talking about the implications of this and what it means for science. There are so many discoveries waiting to be made.  I hope to become a scientist equipped with this new knowledge.

Engineering Professor, Australia

I think of the REG as a kind of biofeedback device with a difference... For me, the REG is helping me train my connections―not with muscles or heart rate, but with whatever it is that influences the REG... I also usually 'know,' somehow, whether I have the energy to do this or not.

Psychology Graduate Student, United States

The REG really seems like it is going to help me develop as a person. I was listening to a song and feeling in touch with my deeper subconscious, and suddenly I began to feel sad and emotional about myself as a child. The REG immediately responded. Even as I develop my ability to consciously affect the REG, this really goes to show how much my deeper emotions are capable of impacting reality. Having something that shows the impact of these thoughts in a graphical way really means a lot to me. It is like proof that all of this internal stuff really matters.

Independent Film Producer, Ecuador

My REG seemed to me as dedicated as me to amaze people... I am better and better at bringing newcomers to the machine and helping them to create instantaneously 'lucky' results... They have the sensation of a state of communication.

Workshop Coordinator, United States

We've found that the line on the graph goes up when there is more emotional engagement from [workshop participants]. Tops seem to be fun, lunch, breaks, and clean up, with some more significance found during our small group sessions. Too much instruction or lecture [and the graph] goes pretty flat.

Anthropology Graduate Student, United States

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what internal emotional metric the REG measures, but it is unquestionable that is measuring "something" meaningful and valuable. It has made me more aware of my various states of mind, and therefore given me a better sense of self and of how to go about improving myself. I have found that especially in instances where I feel deflated, where someone has burst my bubble, the graph drops precipitously.

Technology Solutions Specialist, United States

I finally figured out why you call it 'The Reflector.' It is as if the thing is reflecting my deeper emotional states back to me. I can't say that I can always control it, but this really makes it impossible to have excuses!

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