What Is An REG? - How Does It Work? - How Can I Use It?

How Does It Work?

The Psyleron REG-1 measures electrical effects which are driven by quantum events. According to modern physics, it is fundamentally impossible to predict the outcome of quantum events, even with knowledge of past outcomes. While the REG-1 does output non-quantum 1s and 0s, these are representations of quantum events, extrapolated by quantum tunneling into binary outcomes. So when the output of a REG-1 is examined statistically, these binary events are seen to behave in perfectly random ways, with an equal ratio of 1s to 0s. In other words, the REG is an extremely refined and reliable scientific tool whose output is fundamentally unpredictable.

The mind, however, seems able to affect the outcome of the random event generator. As rigorously demonstrated by twenty-eight years of Princeton studies, when a person or persons attempt to influence the REG to produce more 1s or 0s, it seems as though "willpower" alone is enough to achieve such an effect. Operators can create statistically significant distortions in the REG output that correspond to their intentions.

The mechanism by which this works is still unknown, though it has been the subject of much speculation and modeling. Some contend that quantum mechanics can explain the phenomenon; others that a more complicated and less clearly understood process is occurring. In any case, what's at issue is nothing less than the nature of reality, and the role of consciousness within it. The REG-1 allows you to become a pioneer in exploring these phenomena.

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