What Is An REG? - How Does It Work? - How Can I Use It?

How Can I Use It?

There are no limits to how you use the Psyleron REG-1. It is simultaneously a research instrument, a personal development and exploration tool, and possibly the next generation of computer technology that interfaces machines directly to human consciousness. Here are just a few of the ways that the Psyleron REG-1 is being used:

Scientific Research
Use the Psyleron REG-1 to conduct the same kinds of experiments conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab. With the included software package, you can observe and measure direct mind-matter effects in real-time. Use these features to replicate the PEAR lab experiments, and observe the phenomenon yourself. Or take the research further, and explore what environmental conditions are best suited for mind-matter effects, or what mental states produce the strongest result. What is the mechanism that allows consciousness to impact physical reality? What are its parameters? Its variables? Design experiments, test predictions, and make the discoveries yourself! With the global Psyleron Community, you can share your raw data and results over the Internet. Collaborate with other users on experiments, share your ideas and anecdotes, and work together to explore the mysteries of consciousness and the nature of reality.

Personal Development
Discover how your own mind impacts physical reality. See the results of this mind-matter interaction in real time, and monitor the statistical measurements that gauge your success. Save your results and chart your progress over time, as you practice with the REG-1, and learn to strengthen the effect of your thoughts on the physical world. Use the REG-1 to explore how your attitudes, feelings, and beliefs affect the world around you, and confront the limiting belief systems that you might have. Users report that as their ability to affect the REG-1 increases, the capacity for positive manifestation they experience in their daily lives also improves.

Use the REG-1 in "FieldREG" mode to uncover powerful events or ideas in your life. Research shows that random event generators will respond to emotionally meaningful events, instances of group coherence, and even powerful ideas. Take the REG-1 to your next business meeting or brainstorming session, and let the REG-1 help guide your decisions about which ideas have an impact. Run the REG-1 during your next presentation to see when the audience is responding. The REG-1 responds in interesting and valuable ways in FieldREG mode—what you discover with it is up to you.

Clinical Auditing
The FieldREG application has been used successfully in another area, helping psychological health professionals to learn more about their interactions with patients. Because the REG-1 is responsive to emotional events, some psychotherapists have found it beneficial to use our FieldREG application during therapy sessions. Using the included Analysis tool, the times of spikes in FieldREG data can easily be identified and correlated with patient dialogue, providing an additional dimension of information to the auditor.

Cutting-Edge Applications
Play video games with your mind, add mind-matter feedback to your next concert or artistic work, and much more. Be a pioneer in consciousness applications and utilize the next generation of computer technology—direct mind-machine interface.

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