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Who We Are
Psyleron was founded in 2005 by friends and affiliates of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory (PEAR).

What We Do
We provide products to explore the influence of the mind on the physical world. These products can be used in quantitative research experiments, as self-reflection tools, or as fun devices that provide a window into a whole new area of scientific and personal exploration. We also provide research assistance to those interested in creating their own studies, develop customized software applications, and collect data from our users as part of an ongoing effort to understand the nature of mind-matter effects.

Why This Matters
If the findings of the PEAR lab and dozens of other researchers are true, it implies that the nature of the physical world may be radically different from what is conventionally assumed. To accommodate the empirical results of this research, one must accept the possibility that mind and matter are not be entirely separable, and that consciousness may play an active part in shaping physical reality. There may be much more to reality that we realize, and we may access only a tiny fraction of our true potential.

Our Goals
In our experience, the properties of consciousness-driven effects are radically different from those studied in most areas of conventional science. In addition to being non-local and seemingly unaffected by obstacles that would hinder known physical forces, the effects depend on poorly-understood and even immeasurable subjective factors such as participant attitudes and the subjective meaning associated with outcomes.

These violations of conventional assumptions combine with public misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about these topics to make scientific progress and even communication of the results extremely difficult. People who know about these effects may read books or research studies, but have little opportunity to experience how mind-matter phenomena actually behave. On the scientific side, many researchers find themselves beholden to conventional ideas, repeating the same studies, and unable to explain the nature of what they are encountering.

As a result, Psyleron’s goal has been to enable as many people as possible to investigate or experience mind-matter interaction effects themselves. It is our opinion that the efforts of many diverse and independent parties will yield far greater results than the protracted efforts of any single laboratory research program, and it is our finding that many home users are greatly enriched by hands-on personal experiences with these phenomena.

Psyleron ProductsPsyleron Products

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