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Psyleron's research is focused on better understanding how physical reality is shaped by consciousness. Our basic (exploratory) research program involves collaborations with other organizations exploring the nature of mind and reality. Our applied research program uses random event generators to study the nuances of mind-matter connection, developing this knowledge into new technologies and products. Our user-driven research is a data collection and analysis effort on the Psyleron Community, involving Psyleron REG-1 users.

Basic Research

International Consciousness Research Laboratories
Psyleron is in the process developing a public research enterprise to operate in collaboration with the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) addressing basic issues of consciousness. Additionally, Psyleron provides technical, physical, and analytical resources to aid in the continuation of PEAR-like studies.

Individual Consciousness and Intention (Reflector)
Explores the effects of training, operator development and progression with time; emotional intelligence; novel feedback and data processing mechanisms. Also seeks a refined applied theory of the mind in the context of mind-matter interaction.

Groups and Human Environments (FieldREG)
Focuses primarily on quantifying subjective states to find or develop the best practices and decision-making strategies for business, education, therapy, and any area that might gain from a quantitative understanding of human emotional or subconscious reactions.

Applied Research

User-Driven Research

Analysis of Submitted Data
Psyleron REG-1 users have the option to submit their data to the Psyleron web server and the Psyleron Community, where data is aggregated to test numerous hypotheses. Additionally, users may conceive of new experiments and seek collaborators, or collaborate themselves on multi-user REG experiments.

Consulting and Analytical Services
Psyleron provides both paid and courtesy services and support to REG-1 users in the areas of experimental design, analysis, and the interpretation of findings.

In collaboration with ICRL, Psyleron may provide limited funding for selected research proposals and/or lend equipment. Psyleron also provides opportunities for publication through an ICRL-affiliated enterprise.

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