The PEAR Proposition DVD

The PEAR Proposition is a 3-disc set that provides an overview of the research conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab, and a more detailed understanding of the twenty-eight year history of this work. It includes a DVD tour of the lab, eight hours of lectures given to students at Princeton University by Professor Robert Jahn and others, audio interviews, and a number of additional features.

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Robert G. Jahn, Brenda J. Dunne
Directed by Aaron Michels

Duration: 520 minutes
Format: NTSC DVD + CD
Aspect Ratio: 1.33 : 1

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DVD ONE (Video + Data)

Opening Videos

  1. PEAR Synopsis (22:30)
  2. Lecture Introduction (14:00)
  3. Lab Tour (91:45)

DVD Data

  1. Lecture Slides
  2. Articles, Materials, Links


DVD TWO (Video)

Dr. Robert Jahn Lectures

  1. Purpose, History, Style, Agenda: Human-Machine Experiments (74:15)
  2. Human-Machine Experiments II (69:45)
  3. Theoretical Modeling and Review of Science History (68:15)
  4. Theoretical Modeling II (69:00)

Additional Materials

  1. York Dobyns Lecture: Data Selection and Optional Stopping (18:30)
  2. A Conversation with Jahn and Dunne (excerpt)
  3. Living PEAR (28:00)
  4. PEAR Family Slideshow (3:00)


  1. A Conversation with Jahn and Dunne (complete) (62:00)

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