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Standalone Devices are products with integrated Random Event Generators (REGs). You do not need a computer to use them. Much of Psyleron's internal R&D focuses on developing Standalone Products as novel uses for REG technology. While they are still "trial" products, they have so far proven quite effective and promising. We invite you to be one of the first to adopt a Psyleron Standalone Device, a new class of products that can interact directly with consciousness. 

Psyleron Mind Lamp    

The Mind Lamp™ is an experimental product based on research into mind-matter interaction carried out at Princeton University. The Mind Lamp™ utilizes a quantum-level phenomena called "electron tunneling" to control what colors it displays. Research suggests the mind can influence probabilities generated at this level...

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The Psyleron REG Keychain is a pocket-size random event generator. It consists of a button, two LED lights, and a quantum mechanical REG core. Pressing the button generates a single true-random event, which lights up either a green or red LED. It can be used for quantum cryptography, informal mind-matter interaction exploration, demonstrating basic statistics, or to simply take the place of a coin toss.

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The Psyleron Robot is a basic mechanical robot with an internal  random event generator.  The REG core controls the movement of the robot―forward, reverse, left, right, and pivot.  Because the REG is subject to the influence of consciousness, the movement of the robot can also be influenced by the mind.

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The Psyleron Alerter is an REG-based device that is small enough to fit on a keychain or in a purse. While on, it runs constantly in the background and can alert users to relevant or meaningful moments in their day by beeping or vibrating. The user's intention sets the context for when the device should go off, and it's up to them to interpret the meaning of each alert.

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