Alerter Overview

The Alerter is an REG-based device that runs in the background, and can alert you to relevant or meaningful moments in your day. It is small enough to be carried on a keychain or in a purse, and can alert you by beeping or vibrating.

How It Works

The basic theory behind the Alerter, is that you pick a context for when the device should go off, and your subconscious mind stays in touch with it vis-à-vis the process that allows people to influence an REG. When significant moments happen in context, or when a deeper part of you decides that you should be kept aware of something, your mind can influence the behavior of the Alerter, which signals your consciousness to pay attention.

For example, if you were a writer, you might be looking for inspiration for your next novel. You can use the alerter as a tool for honing your creativity by intending that it goes off at times that will alert you to something relevant for your project. In some cases, the alert will be "random" and simply enhance your creativity by sending your mind off in a new direction. In other cases, you will actually be causing the alert to happen from a deeper level – helping to make your conscious mind aware of something that you might have otherwise missed.

Other Example Uses

Applications for the Alerter are really limited by your own imagination. Most uses that involve contextualized intent should be fine. Users generally report remarkable synchronicities and useful timing of notifications.

Lucid Dreaming: The Alerter can be useful for stimulating lucid dreams. A common technique for building a connection between the conscious and subconscious mind is to ask yourself "am I dreaming?" at various times throughout the day with the hopes that you will acquire this habit and begin to use it in dreaming. The difficulty that most people have with this technique is that they forget to ask themselves, or only ask when they are cued by the environment. The alerter fixes this – you need only ask yourself the question when it beeps, and you will develop a habit in no time.

Training States of Mind: You may want to remind yourself to keep a positive state of mind, or to focus on a particular idea or concept throughout your life. By associating that intention or state of mind with the alerts, you will help the engrain that tendency in your mind.

Self-Monitoring: In self-exploration, you may wish to get a deeper sense of what your mind is thinking about on a daily basis. Are you really being positive? What ideas emerge most in your mind? By tracking what you think when the alerter alerts you, you can gain deeper insight into yourself and your thoughts, changing or enhancing them as necessary.

Coincidence: Perhaps you're interested in meeting significant people, or you want to keep your eyes open for events in your environment. The alerter can help you, as your intention and deeper awareness may help it to go off at times where you should pay particular attention to the people or circumstances around you.

What's Included
  • Alerter Device & Keyring
  • 1.5v Battery
  • Alerter Booklet (outlines relevant research, theory, and example uses)
  • Black Plastic Casing
  • 0.5" Diameter Keyring
  • Approximate Dimensions:
    1.5" x 2.2" x 0.5"
    3.81 cm x 5.58 cm x 1.27 cm

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