REG-K Overview

The REG-K is a pocket-size random event generator. It consists of a button, two LED lights, and a quantum mechanical REG core. Whereas the earliest REGs at PEAR weighed as much as 40 pounds and cost tens of thousands of dollars, modern technology has made it possible for a similar true random source to fit in your pocket and be purchased at a fraction of the cost.

The REG Keychain (prototype)
The REG Keychain (prototype)

Each time the button is pressed, the REG-K generates an event, which lights up either a red or green LED. PEAR research has showed that our intention and deeper thoughts and feelings can bias the behavior of the REG. Hence the REG-K can be statistically influenced by your mind, or perhaps reveal insights from your deeper self, if posed as yes or no questions. It can also help you make decisions, or be used in security or other algorithms.

Suggested Uses

REG Experiments without a Computer: REG Experiments without a Computer: When used in conjunction with a simple pen and paper data tracking system, or one of our upcoming workbooks, the Psyleron REG-K makes it possible to conduct simple intention experiments anywhere, with minimal setup time.

Quantum Coin Flipper: The REG-K can take the place of a coin toss, for any situation that requires a decision. You can pose all kinds of yes or no questions to the REG-K, as you would to a Ouija Boardâ„¢ or Magic Eight Ball.â„¢ While driving or walking, you can pose directional questions to the REG-K, and let it decide where you end up, or how to arrive somewhere unknown. Considering the link to your deeper thoughts and feelings, the results may be revealing.

Explore Intuition: As you use the REG-K, you may find that your intention seems to have an influence on how often the red or green LEDs light up. You may also notice that occasionally you "just know," or have an intuitive grasp of which LED will light before you press the button. The REG-K can be a fun tool to explore intention, intuition, and other subjective states of mind. Note: we strongly recommend the Psyleron REG-1 Exploration Kit, for seriously exploring this subject.

Demonstrate Statistics: Because the REG-K produces true random events, it can be a useful tool for demonstrating basic binary probability and statistics. Rather than tossing a coin or using a pseudo-random event generator, with the REG-K, you can show the progression toward a balanced distribution of truly random binary numbers over time. Teachers may find this particularly useful. Others may use the REG-K to add true-random control data into experiments.

Number Picker: You can use the REG-K to generate or select numbers. Numbers can be generated in binary (e.g., green light = 1, red light = 0), following the binary numeral system. The REG-K can be used to select numbers from a pre-existing pool of possibilities. For example, you can chose a number between 0 and 50, by assigning the numbers 0-24 as red, and 25-50 as green. If the REG-K produces a green, you can loosely divide the remaining 25 numbers again, and repeat until you've chosen a number.

Quantum Cryptography: The REG-K can be used for real quantum cryptography, allowing administrators and computer security enthusiasts to generate truly random passwords and sequences. Passwords and sequences can be generated in binary, or selected from a pre-existing pool of possibilities.

What's Included
  • REG-K Keychain REG & Keyring
  • 1.5v Battery
  • REG-K Booklet (outlines relevant research, theory, basic statistics, and example uses)
  • Black Plastic Casing
  • Green & Red LEDs
  • 0.5" Diameter Keyring
  • Approximate Dimensions:
    1" x 1.5" x 0.5"
    2.54 cm x 3.81 cm x 1.27 cm

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