PEAR Intention Experiments


One of the PEAR lab’s primary research activities involved having volunteers attempt to influence the output of an electronic random event generator (REG) using only their intention. The REG can be thought of as an electronic coin flipper that produces a series of "high" and "low" outcomes.

When the REG was run in an unattended mode (referred to as Calibration), the outcomes were shown to be perfectly random and unpredictable, with high and low outcomes each occurring fifty percent of the time. When volunteers would attempt to produce more "high" or "low" outcomes using only their intention—with no physical connections to the body and with the REG shielded from known physical forces—the PEAR researchers found something fascinating.

PEAR REG with display
PEAR REG with display

While the average effect was very small, the researchers found that operators succeeded in influencing the REG output in the direction of their intention. The shift was extremely minor in the way that most people think of such shifts; but from the standpoint of statistical significance, the effects were astronomical—the probability of the results occurring due to chance was about one in fifteen thousand(Ref. P. 214).

Essentially, the PEAR research showed, under very controlled conditions, that human consciousness has the ability to interact with physical devices through an unknown mechanism. Further study will be required to understand the effects in more detail, but there is no question that the results have profound implications for science and society.

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